South Korean IT firm Lotte Data Communication has completed work on a new data center in the city of Yongin.

The nine-story Yongin Global Cloud Data Center has a total floor area of 10,350 sqm (4946 pyeong/111,400 sq ft), and is located to the south of capital city Seoul.

Lotte Data center.jpg
– Lotte

“We will work harder to enhance customer business competitiveness through the organic operation of four data centers,” said Roh Jun-hyung, CEO of Lotte Information & Communication.

The company claims pre-cooling, containment system, and balcony structure design, along with air circulation improves cooling efficiency and reduces energy consumption by 25 percent. The facility is reportedly designed to withstand magnitude 8.0 earthquakes, and has 38 hours of backup generator power.

Lotte offers a number of IT services including inventory management, security, and factory automation to companies in sectors such as retail, health, and transportation. In addition to the new facility, the company has three data centers in Seoul (Gasan), Daejeon, and Gyeonggi (Yongin), the most recently constructed one opened in 2010.