Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo has announced a new product line of servers focused on artificial intelligence.

The new ThinkSystem SR860 V2 and SR850 V2 servers have been designed for data center customers and feature Intel Xeon processors and support Intel Deep Learning platforms.

The Lenovo Data Center Group (DCG) says the new products will let customers simplify common data management challenges and accelerate neural networks.

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860.jpg
Lenovo's older version of the ThinkSystem SR860 – Lenovo

Artificial Intel

The products are expected to be paired with business applications like SAP HANA to create valuable business analytics models for firms using Intel platforms to build their AI.

The 860 and 850 are both redesigns of an older model which was used with Intel's second-gen Xeons.

“To help customers accelerate high-performance workloads and improve efficiency, Lenovo’s new ThinkSystem SR860 V2 and SR850 V2 servers feature the latest in high-end processing and memory capabilities, with twice the amount of NVMe storage capacity," Lenovo said in a statement.

The servers feature the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, increased onboard storage from 24 to 48 2.5”2 drives, the introduction of GPU support (four double-wide 300W or eight single-wide GPUs), Intel Optane persistent memory and compatibility with Lenovo’s DB fiber channel switches.