Asian cloud services company KVH Co Ltd (KVH) has changed its company name to Colt Technologies Services Co Ltd (Colt) with immediate effect.

The move is not an unexpected one, ever since Colt Group S.A. acquired KVH late last year as part of its strategy to enter the APAC ICT services market, in a deal worth ¥18.6 billion (€130m, $150m).

kvh tokyo data center
KVH Tokyo data center

Greater scale

“As a combined entity, we have significantly greater scale to deliver a seamless service experience across Asia and into Europe,” said part of the official statement. “As we enter the next phase of integration with Colt, we have adopted the Colt brand across all KVH markets to reflect our new legal entity names and further unite the companies.”

KVH offers cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) services, managed and co-location services, data center real estate services, Ethernet and IP network services, low latency connectivity and professional consulting.

From a more strategic perspective, KVH specializes in low latency networks and provides connectivity to all major Japanese exchanges, as well as connectivity in the region. It also operates data centers at locations such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company also has DCNet, a data center -to- data center interconnectivity service which links 100 data centers in cities across Asia, offering pre-wired carrier-grade elastic Ethernet connectivity with both fixed and burstable bandwidth, allowing customers to only pay for the traffic that they use. The service offers bandwidth ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps across pre-wired facilities at launch, and plans to scale up to 100Gbps eventually.

The demise of the KVH brand is another example of consolidation in the region, where large players are looking to strengthen their data center and network assets. For example, Telstra in Australia acquired Pacnet for its extensive extensive network of subsea network assets and data centers in the region in December last year. This was followed by the decision to drop the Pacnet brand earlier this year, at around the time that the acquisition was completed.