Slovenian ICT company Iskratel has confirmed its merger with S&T Slovenija, with the company now known as S&T Iskratel.

The companies said the merger puts S&T Iskratel as one of Slovenia's top ICT businesses for scale, markets served, and communications solutions offered.

– RealWire

The combined company will be led by two managing directors, Sašo Berger and Robert Kuzmič. It will offer a range of products including broadband solutions, information security, 5G and mobile private networks, IoT and cloud solutions, and business-critical communications.

The new combined entity is part of the Austrian Kontron Group, which delivered revenues of €1.34 billion ($1.33bn) in 2021. The combined company now boasts over 1,000 employees.

Kontron AG CEO Hannes Niederhauser said: “With more than 1,000 highly experienced employees, S&T Iskratel has not only become the largest company within Kontron Group in terms of the number of employees, but one of the leading European providers of comprehensive and highly reliable solutions for a safe, smart and digitalized future."

Iskratel was founded in 1947 in Slovenia by members of the predecessor Iskra business system. S&T was founded in Austria in 1993. S&T merged with Kontron in 2017, with the latter becoming the parent name.

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