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Infrastructure builder Instor Solutions has entered an alliance with Digital Realty to build data centers faster.

Under the agreement, Instor will use its Data Center Fit Up program to prepare Digital Realty’s wholesale data center white space so that it is “equipment-ready” – meaning that clients can install their hardware without any glitches.

Instor will provide all the electrical support and key infrastructure such as data center racks and data center containment.

In previous joint projects, Instor has helped Digital Realty prepare nearly 40,000 sq ft of data center space totaling more than 5MW of power capacity in various regions of the US.

In Santa Clara, California, Instor oversaw the build-out of a Data Center Fit Up for a software provider covering more than 10,000 sq ft of data center space. 

In Ashburn, Virginia Instor built out 14,000 sq ft for a global media corporation.

Earlier this year, it custom-tailored 15,000 sq ft of data center in Franklin Park, Illinois, in order to support the mission-critical needs of a telecom company, a financial services firm and a software provider.