Infomart is expanding its data center at Hillsboro in Portland Oregon, adding more power and floorspace. 

With the addition of 16 MW of capacity, the Hillsboro data center is poised to become one of the West Coast’s largest wholesale data center locations with a total of 24 MW of critical power capacity and 350,000 sq ft (33,000 sq m). The new expansion to the existing facility was started with fifty percent of the additional capacity already sold.

infomart hillsboro oregon
infomart hillsboro oregon – Infomart

Phased build

The phased build out of new space and power capability starts with a 4 MW expansion, scheduled to be completed by March 2016, followed by the construction of an additional 100,000 sq ft building adjacent to the existing facility with another 12 MW of capacity. The new space includes designs for high density computing with the ability to deliver up to 30 kW per rack.

The Hillsboro data center is located in an Oregon Enterprise Zone, which means that customers of the data center are able to enjoy a five year abatement on property tax in addition to no sales tax for new equipment purchases. Infomart has seen that the product replacement cycle for its customers has matched up well with this tax benefit, as new equipment is cycled into the facility on a schedule that prevents the need to pay sales tax from ever kicking in.

The facility is carrier neutral, with 12 carriers already on site as well as multiple trans-Pacific carriers available at the property line. Lit and dark fiber are available with the location connecting to one of the densest fiber hubs in the Pacific Northwest. The location is also powered by Portland General Electric’s highly reliable and predominantly green sourced power grid.