Kenyan data center company has announced the construction of a new data center in the city of Mombasa.

Located in Nyali, in the north of the city, the new MBA2 data center is due to be completed in Q1 of 2022. The facility will have 1,200 square meters of floorspace and 1.6MW of capacity, and host more than 600 racks.

“As a leading data center infrastructure provider, icolo plays a major role in supporting digital transformation strategies by enabling businesses to be connected and supported in real-time,” said CEO Ranjith Cherickel.

icolo MBA2.jpg

The facility is located on a greenfield site close to cable landing points in the city.

“This new facility will be the gateway to 200 million people living in the region bringing the content closer to the end-user thereby reducing latency and improving Internet experience for all. The size of the facility is also scaled to reflect the huge growth in connectivity that is unfolding in East Africa. We hope this new data center will be home to all new cables landing in the region,” added Cherickel.

MBA2 will be the company’s second in Mombasa, and third overall. Mombasa One (MBA1) is a single-story facility with 226 racks and 450 sq m (4,800 sq ft) of floorspace in the Miritin area of the city. The company’s Nairobi One (NBO1) campus opened in September 2019; the one-acre campus is located in the Karen area of the city and has 624 sq m (6,700 sq ft) of floorspace.

“So far so good and it's massive! We are making great progress with our new MBA2 build in Nyali this morning,” this company tweeted this week. is part of Digital Realty, after Interxion took a controlling stake in the company in 2019.