The chief financial officer of Huawei will chair the company's board.

Meng Wanzhou, who is also the daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei, was detained in Canada for three years for her involvement in breaking US sanctions on Iran.

Huawei Pirate Ship
– Sebastian Moss

Chinese telecommunications and data center OEM Huawei rotates its CEO and Chairperson every six months, picking from a pool of senior advisors.

In late 2018, Wanzhou was arrested in China over allegations of violating US trade sanctions. The US sought to extradite her for her involvement with a Huawei subsidiary that did business with Iran, and for misleading US banks into being involved with the sanction breaking.

After two years of court cases, the Canadian Supreme Court dismissed an application by Wanzhou to stop the extradition.

She faced up to 30 years in jail, but struck a deal with the US Department of Justice in September 2021. In return for the charges being dropped, Meng admitted that she made false statements about Huawei's deals in Iran.

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