HBO/WarnerMedia is using Storbyte for remote and on-site data center support and services.

The deal provides video content and streaming media, provided by Storbyte's Customer Engagement Center.

Meanwhile, the company uses the AWS cloud from Amazon for its HBO Max streaming media service - a deal which the company reportedly took to get its content onto Amazon Fire, regarded as a "gateway" TV platform.

The story is similar to that of Disney, which uses HPE for its private cloud, while using AWS for streaming media.

“Providing sustainable and seamless access to data is our commitment,” said Storbyte CEO, Steve Groenke. “This support extension with WarnerMedia further strengthens our relationship with HBO and provides an opportunity for our certified technicians to better personalize support and service to ensure a consistent customer experience.”

“HBO’s industry-leading streaming services are running on Storbyte’s best-in-class hardware, and support is critical,” said George Manley, Senior Storbyte Sales Engineer. “Our 24x7 Customer Engagement Center provides proactive, reactive, on-site, and remote support for Storbyte and non-Storbyte products.”

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