Google has launched a new Google Cloud region in Santiago, Chile.

The company officially announced plans for a Chilean cloud region in December 2020. This is the company's second cloud region in South America; it opened a Brazilian region in São Paulo in 2017.

As is standard, the region has three availability zones for redundancy. The company said customers of the new region include Red Salud, Latam Airlines, NotCo, and Caja Los Andes.

“Latin America is a key region for Google Cloud and, therefore, our focus is to drive innovation and help customers to transform themselves digitally, using the best of Google Cloud," said Eduardo López, President of Google Cloud for Latin America. “The entry into operation of the Cloud Region of Santiago, joining that of São Paulo, will ensure that companies in the region take advantage of our on-demand network faster and easier.”

The company has an internal data center in Quilicura, near Santiago, Chile which it first announced in 2012 and brought online in 2015. Since then, has Google tripled the size of the campus to 11.2 hectares (1.2m sq ft) and brought the overall investment in the site to $290 million. The site was the search giant’s first facility in Latin America.

News of Google’s intention to build a cloud facility was first revealed in 2019, after submitted a filing to the Chilean Environmental Assessment Service (Servicio de Evaluacion Ambiental, or SEA). Registered under the company name Inversiones Y Servicios Dataluna Ltda, the filing showed that Google's 23 hectares (2.47 million square feet) campus will be built in two phases.

A version of this story appeared on our Spanish edition.

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