Ericsson has paired with Swedish mobile operator Telia to launch a private 5G network at the OEM's manufacturing site in the Baltics.

Launched at Ericsson’s supply site in Tallinn, Estonia, the companies claim that it's the first such deployment in the region.

Ericsson Telia
– Ericsson

The site in Tallinn accounts for nearly half of Ericsson's production, said the vendor, which has been manufacturing in Estonia since 2009.

Ericsson confirmed the private cellular network went live last week, with the two companies noting that the site will 'enable the new era of Industry 4.0', and drive efficiencies in productivity, agility, and sustainability.

The vendor said that the 5G private network will help push several use cases, including asset condition monitoring and management, computer vision, digital twins, collaborative robotics, plus feature capabilities such as 5G precise indoor positioning.

“The implementation of Ericsson private 5G at our supply site in Tallinn is a testament to our commitment to connected manufacturing and emerging data-driven technologies – after all, in today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment, keeping up with the latest technological capabilities is essential to stay ahead of the curve," said Sirli Männiksaar, country manager of Ericsson Estonia.

"Our 5G private network enables advanced use cases such as real-time video analytics, immersive technologies, digital twins, collaborative robotics, and multiple mobile equipment tracking and control capabilities that empower our daily operations."

The private 5G network at the facility has helped improve the monitoring and management of numerous devices in a defined area, and has improved coverage with less infrastructure, said Ericsson.

Outlining the potential monetary value of private 5G networks, both companies said the impact of the supply site will provide a boost for Estonia's economy, referring to IDC research that estimates private LTE/5G revenue will exceed $8.3 billion by 2026.