Ericsson has been hit with legal action from Russia's Tele2, following its withdrawal from the country.

Reuters has revealed that the Russian telco is filing against the company over claims Ericsson has not honored agreements to supply equipment.

It follows Ericsson's decision to wind down its operations in Russia by the end of 2022, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine earlier this year.

"We are aware of a lawsuit reported in Russian news media, but cannot comment further at this time," said an Ericsson spokesperson.

Russia's Tele2, however, has told Reuters it's unhappy with the Swedish vendor not fulfilling standing orders, many of which it claims date from before sanctions were imposed on Russia.

"We have initiated proceedings against Ericsson Corporation and Satel TVK due to the refusal of the companies to fulfill their obligations to provide equipment. Most of the undelivered equipment refers to orders made long before sanctions were imposed," Tele2 said in a statement to the publication.

It's worth noting that this Tele2 is a Russian company, with no affiliation to the well-known Swedish telco Tele2, and has used the brand under license since 2013.

Just a couple of months ago Ericsson was accused of still exporting equipment to Russia despite the sanctions, according to Swedish media reports.

The vendor dismissed the allegations, stating that it was only offering software and technical support to its Russian clients, and hasn't sold any telecommunications kit to MNOs in the country since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Ericsson suspended its business in the country in late February in the earlier days of the invasion, as many of the world's economies imposed sanctions on Russia around telco equipment and semiconductors.

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