Edge data center firm Edge Centres has acquired US cloud firm CloneCone.

“This strategic acquisition represents a significant milestone in Edge Centres' expansion into the cloud computing sector and strengthens its position as a comprehensive provider of infrastructure solutions,” Edge Centres announced on LinkedIn this week. “With this acquisition, Edge Centres aims to leverage CloudCone's expertise to enhance its cloud offerings and provide clients with even more scalable and efficient solutions.”

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– Edge Centres

Founded in 2017, CloudCone offers virtual and hosted server services. Terms of the deal weren’t shared. Edge Centres said CloudCone will continue to operate under its own brand name.

"We are thrilled to welcome CloudCone into the Edge Centres family," said Jonathan Eaves, CEO at Edge Centres. "This acquisition aligns with our strategic vision of delivering comprehensive infrastructure solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients. CloudCone's reputation for reliability and innovation perfectly complements our existing capabilities, enabling us to offer a broader range of services to our customers."

Australian firm Edge Centres first announced plans for expansion into the US in April 2022, raising $5.7 million for its US rollout. It has made a number of acquisitions in the US in the last two years. The company has opened or taken over facilities in California, Virginia, and Missouri.

Edge Centres has also spun out a new cloud services unit called Edge Computing, which is led by Scott Le Marquand, previously Edge Centre’s chief cloud officer. He joined the firm from Australian consulting company Engine Room last year.

The recently-formed unit said CloudCone brings more than 17,500 customers, 28,000 virtual cloud instances, and an instant-provision self-orchestration platform panel to Edge Computing.

CloudCone’s website makes reference to a Los Angeles data center, and one status update points to Multacom; a company acquired by Edge Centres last year offering services from a 1MW data center within 707 Wilshire Boulevard.

Marquand said of the new acquisition: “This acquisition not only expands our market reach but also accelerates our innovation cycle, positioning us as a leader in the edge computing cloud landscape. At Edge Computing, our vision is to pioneer transformative solutions that harness the power of cloud computing to drive business outcomes. With the addition of CloudCone's platform, we are poised to realize this vision by delivering next-generation cloud solutions that empower customers and businesses to thrive.”