Two Dutch data center providers are being combined by the The Datacenter Group (TDCG) and NLDC to become the largest independent datacenter provider in the Netherlands.

The merger gives TDCG ten data centers totalling 65MW. It is not a surprise, as both are controlled by the same company: global infrastructure investment manager DWS, which is part of Deutsche Bank. However, it comes at a point when data center development in the Netherlands has hit a snag: The Amsterdam authorities have called a halt to new data center developments in the city.

datacenter_amsterdam tdcg.jpg
TDCG's Amsterdam facility – TDCG


Between them, TDCG and NLDC have a total of 10 datacenters in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, Groningen and Eindhoven, which .total nearly 50,000 sq m (540,000 sq ft) and 65MW.

The move is a continuation of consolidation in the country. TDCG has four facilities, having bought two data centers belonging to Rabo Bouwfonds Communication Infrastructure 2018. This month, under DWS majority control, it also swallowed up two more data centers in Doetinchem and Enschede, belonging to NovoServe, but that business is being moved into TDCG's existing facilities, a spokesperson explained to DCD.

Meanwhile, TDCG's majority stakeholder DWS is in the process of buying NLDC, a provider with six data centers previously owned by the Dutch telco KPN. This acquisition was announced in May and should be completed during the third quarter of 2019 - it is an example of a trend in which telcos such as AT&T have moved out of the data center services business, selling their data center services business to more focused providers.

The merger makes TDCG the biggest national player in the Dutch market, and will be completed in the next few months. and employees and clients will be kept closely updated on developments.

TDCG did not give any response to the news that Amsterdam's local government has abruptly halted the development of new data centers, instructing DCD to await a statement from its PR company.

However, the company can at least point to a diverse portfolio, which includes facilities in other Dutch cities: its press release points to "growing regional hubs" elsewhere in the country.

Although DWS has a majority interest in TDCG, the founder and CEO, Siemon van den Berg, will keep a minority stake in the merged company. TDCG's other founder Ali Niknam has sold his shares to DWS.