Digital Parks Africa (DPA) is expanding its Samrand data center campus outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

Local press reports the company is expanding its Centurion facility by 4.5MW, adding 810 sqm (8,720 sq ft) and 570 racks.

digital parks africa
DPA is expanding its campus in South Africa – Digital Parks Africa

The facility currently offers more than 1,620 sqm of dedicated whitespace with the potential to expand to more than 9,000 sqm (96,875 sq ft) and 24MW. The company offers densities up to 15kW per rack.

“The integration of modular and brick-and-mortar facilities within the DPA data center offers customers the flexibility to choose between configurations to suit their diverse needs and preferences, within a single premises,” said Jacques de Jager, COO of DPA.

The facility is designed and constructed by Master Power Technologies, a data center developer and sister company of DPA.

Eckart Zollner, head of business development at Digital Parks Africa, added: “We are showing that modular and fixed brick-and-mortar can co-exist and complement each other, reducing initial capital commitment and time to market.”

The company has previously said it also operates a site in Lusaka, Zambia. 451 Research previously said Digital Parks Africa has also acquired another building in Johannesburg, though specific plans have not been disclosed.