Digital Crossroad is planning to expand its campus in Hammond, Indiana. reports the existing facility is full and so the company plans to add another 180,000 sq ft (16,720 sqm) building and 20MW in the second phase.

New Hammond 2 .JPG
The Digital Crossroad campus – Digital Crossroad

"We're at full capacity," Digital Crossroad’s Tom Dakich told the publication. "We're expanding as fast as we can."

Dakich said the goal was to get the required city approvals and break ground on the second phase of the project before the end of the year.

"We have more square footage under contract and are looking to expand before the end of the year," he added.

Digital Crossroad started out with a 105,000-square-foot (9,755 sqm) building that replaced the existing coal-fired power plant just south of Chicago.

Customers of the facility reportedly include a ‘publicly traded firm with a global presence’ and a ‘top 10 content delivery network client’.

The original data center is built out of an old coal power plant called the State Line Generating Plant. The plant was originally built in 1928 and had a maximum power capacity of 515MW. The site closed in 2012 and was later earmarked as a campus in 2018 as a potential Amazon headquarters location.

The company broke ground on the site in 2018 and construction on the first 6MW phase of the original DX-1 building finished in 2020. That building can support up to 20MW. The site can reportedly support up to 100MW via a dedicated substation.

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