Minkels, a server cabinet manufacturer and subsidiary of Legrand, exhibited its new ‘modular’ cabinet at DCD>London.

The new Nexpand cabinet's selling points are Smart, Solid, Secure, Sustainable.

Customizable, the enclosure was developed over two years of customer feedback and improvements to its previous iterations. Minkels said that it has pumped money into its Dutch factory to reconfigure the building process.

At DCD>London, a spokesperson for Legrand said the cabinets were also designed to be easy to build, meaning that factories globally could simply start producing them locally to demand.

– Sebastian Moss

Christiaan van Terheijden, Minkels CEO, said: “The Nexpand data center platform is important to us and underlines our promise of delivering cabinet and containment solutions that accommodate IT infrastructures in the most efficient way possible, that is scalable and evolve with new technologies and user requirements.”

The design

The enclosure has been built using bolts instead of welding, allowing for a flexible chassis that can be adjusted in three dimensions.

According to Minkels, the design of the product, as well as its components, are guaranteed to be efficient for cooling. The cabinets were designed to accommodate airflow resulting in energy savings.

Nexpand comes flat-packed and ready for assembly, with several available add-ons.