Viridian Pod, a containerized data center from a Singapore supplier, was the first shipping container to feature in DCD’s SE Asia exhibition - and it arrived with other honours to its name.

The 20ft CDC20 shipping container (seen in the video below) can be shipped with external power and cooling, or all-inclusive: in the latter formation, six racks can be rated at up to 9kVA per rack, with a total of 54kW power to the unit. Force 21  Equipment, the company behind Viridian Pod, has shipped containers to Europe and China and works with FoxConn to create these particular units, which are built in Taiwan.

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– Tinkstock / AhLamb

Running the parade

Singapore has just celebrated its 50th anniversary with a giant parade, which was run from a CDC Viridian Pod. Although Singapore has a very large number of data centers per square mile, a temporary facility was needed for the event, which happens every year, assistant general manager Ivan Chek explained to DatacenterDynamics.

“Our design conserves space and is equivalent to Tier III in reliability,” Chek told us, after showing us round the container.

The CDC20 uses indirect air cooling and can achieve a PUE of 1.7. It has a 4.8 minute backup time from its UPS, with 4+1 redundancy, and will operate indoors or outdoors, in temperatures from -15°C to 43°C.

(Camera: Lynne Soon shu Yin)