It's always difficult to get motivated in a new year, especially in a time as challenging as this. But we have the balm for all one's woes: A new issue of the DCD Magazine.

On the cover, we delve into the promise of the quantum Internet - and what significant challenges still remain. A quantum version of TCP/IP is on its way, and it could drive a quantum computing breakthrough, if we can work out how to stop it all collapsing.

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Earth Wind & Power (Plus Gas)

Elsewhere in the magazine, we talk to the CEO of Earth Wind & Power, Ingvil Smines, about the company's efforts to run data centers off of gas flares. But while she pitches it as an environmental solution, the reality is less clear.

Joining the cavern club

Digital Metalla wants to create a secure underground facility in a disused Sardinian mine

Who’s a good bot?

CEO Wes Swenson explains why Novva is using Boston Dynamics’ Spot dog robot in Utah

Antarctica comes in from the cold

Could a subsea cable finally link up the last unconnected continent?

The DPU dilemma

There’s a major shift in servers - and it’s coming from the humble NIC

Taking the nuclear option

Nuclear power has low emissions. Could data centers fund a new generation of small reactors?

The dangers of big cloud providers

Giant AWS outages should finally teach us not to trust in the technical abilities of Big Cloud

The DCD>Awards 2021 winners

The big winners from the biggest night of the year

The cooling supplement

Two-phase cooling finally comes of age, which means trouble for the PUE metric. And we meet a couple of radical new cooling techniques.

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