Texas froze over, data centers burned down, and semiconductor fabs struggled with drought. The last three months have been chaos, but data center resiliency has helped the industry prevail.

This issue may not be a panacea for our times, but it does try to understand how data centers have managed to survive, highlights the risks we still face, and explores new issues many may not have considered.

Travel with us to Texas to learn about Storm Uri, hear from industry veterans about what it was like to survive Hurricane Sandy, and head to space to find out about threats to satellites.

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Beating Storm Uri

Hear from Digital Realty, Akamai, Netrality, FiberTown, the Texas Advanced Computing Center, and others about how they survived Storm Uri, and learn how close some came to running out of fuel.

Reliving Sandy

We look back at 2012's Hurricane Sandy to understand just how bad things can get, and revisit the infamous bucket brigade.

Scott Peterson on building a new company with Goldman Sachs' backing

Hear about the birth of Digital Realty, how it nearly acquired Equinix, why Peterson left, and what he plans to do next.

SPAC attack

SPACs are coming for the data center industry. Will the bubble burst before they can get there?

Just how resilient are satellites?

They've become integral to our world, but how do we ensure that satellites are safe?

Light as storage

We talk to LyteLoop's CEO about a plan to keep data in transit, storing it as photons.

Data center NIMBYism

How to work with communities and avoid local pushback to your data center development.

The Edge supplement

OpenRAN, types of Edge, the Edge on Mars, healthcare compute - this special supplement tells you everything you need to know about the Edge

There's more

The latest wild news, Peter's random factoids, concerns about the next crisis, and more.

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