CoreSite Realty has completed a data center on its Santa Clara campus.

The company has finished Phase 3 of SV8, padding out the data center with an extra 5,000 sq m (54,000 sq ft) and 6MW.

This brings SV8 up to around 15,000 sq m (162,000 sq ft) data center with an 18MW capacity. CoreSite says SV8 has already preleased 11 percent of its capacity.

The data center sits upon CoreSite’s Santa Clara campus which features around 775,000 sq ft of data center space.

SV8 data center.JPG
The exterior of SV8 – CoreSite

Mike Durham, CoreSite’s VP and GM, said: “Our SV8 data center delivers an efficient design that enables enterprises to solve for mission-critical, performance-sensitive hybrid cloud applications.

“The addition of our SV8 increases access to our robust ecosystem to serve customers with one of the most interconnected campuses in the Silicon Valley area and provides one more option to fit varying customer needs.”

CoreSite is hosting a Virtual Open House for the data center on June 17.

“We designed SV8 to offer a high density, easy interconnection access, and sustainably focused operations in a highly interconnected campus to appeal to those customers who require being near the network edge to serve their high performance and low latency applications,” said Brian Warren, CoreSite’s SVP of Development and Product Engineering.

CoreSite's expansion

CoreSite has been expanding elsewhere too. The company has just finished the first building phase of its Chicago data center, CH2, and will be opening the site on June 10.

The company has been building the facility since April last year and, following the completion of Phase 1, comprises around 5,000 sq m (56,000 sq ft) and 6MW of capacity.

When fully built out, CH2 will comprise 18MW and cover around 15,000 sqm (169,000 sq ft).