Comcast Xfinity is down across the US, leading to widespread Internet and TV outages.

The cause of the issue is currently unknown. Some Comcast cable Internet users have reported they can still go online, but other home and business users are completely disconnected.

Update: The company said in a statement: “Earlier, some customers experienced intermittent service disruptions as a result of a network issue. We have addressed the issue and service is now restoring for impacted customers, as we continue to investigate the root cause. We apologize to those who were affected."

– Thinkstock / AKodisinghe

Original story continues: Comcast has yet to comment on the outage, but its Twitter support has responded to individual complaints with the following boilerplate message: "Thank you for reaching out! I do apologize you are experiencing a service interruption in your area. We are currently having connection concerns around the nation, our network team is working hard toward a resolution. Thank you for your patience!"

On Downdetector, 64 percent of Xfinity users (that were able to connect by other means) reported a total blackout, while 24 percent said landline Internet went down.

Some users report services returning and then ceasing once again. Complaints come from across the US, including the Bay Area, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and South Carolina.

This story is developing, we will update you as we learn more.

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