Telecoms operator BSO has launched in the South American market, connecting its customers to ten data centers.

The facilities are spread across Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
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“This is a significant moment for BSO as we strengthen our position in LATAM’s vibrant economy," CEO Michael Ourabah said.

"We have always delivered robust connectivity to Latin America, however these partnerships mark our formal entrance. Our customers will enjoy seamless access to one of the world’s most diverse regions and we are excited to support the growth and digital ambitions of the many globally-focused businesses based in the region.”

The company is 'in the process' of connecting to Brazil’s B3 data center, the country’s largest liquidity hub and a financial center for international traders, market makers, banks and financial services firms.

It will also establish its first Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud onramp in Brazil’s Equinix SP4, in partnership with EdgeUno and Seaborn for this expansion.

“This partnership allows companies from 200+ global data centers to connect to and from Latin America on high-availability and low latency routes. It also allows Latin American corporations to connect to the rest of the world through better network performance,” said Mehmet Akcin, CEO of EdgeUno.

BSO will use the Seabras-1 cable, operated by Seaborn - which this month came out of bankruptcy. “We have worked closely in Brazil with the BSO team for several years and are delighted to be taking our relationship even further,” Seaborn COO Andy Bax said. “Together with EdgeUno, we look forward to helping BSO extend their full range of services into Latin America.”

BSO became the largest privately-owned telecoms operator in the world after it acquired IX Reach last year.