BNY Mellon has become the first global bank to deploy an AI supercomputer powered by an Nvidia DGX SuperPOD system.

According to the bank, the system is equipped with “dozens” of Nvidia DGX H100 systems and Nvidia InfiniBand networking, and is based on the DGX SuperPOD reference architecture.

BNY Mellon
BNY Mellon Center, Pittsburgh – BNY Mellon

Founded in 2007 from a merger between The Bank of New York and the Mellon Financial Corporation, BNY Mellon said it plans to use its new supercomputer to build and deploy AI applications and manage the bank’s AI infrastructure.

In a statement, the bank said its AI Hub currently has over 20 AI-enabled solutions in production, with the DGX SuperPOD set to support a number of use cases, including deposit forecasting, payment automation, predictive trade analytics, and end-of-day cash balances.

The bank added that during a company-wide exercise in 2023, more than 600 AI-supported opportunities were identified.

“Key to our technology strategy is empowering our clients through scalable, trusted platforms and solutions,” said BNY Mellon’s CIO, Bridget Engle. “By deploying NVIDIA’s AI supercomputer, we can accelerate our processing capacity to innovate and launch AI-enabled capabilities that help us manage, move, and keep our clients’ assets safe.”

The company hasn't said where the pod will be hosted. It previously owned a data center in New Jersey, and has previously operated facilities in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

At its GTX event in San Jose, California, this week, Nvidia announced that it would be releasing a DGX system and a DGX SuperPOD system which will feature the company’s newest Blackwell GPU architecture.

The company claims that the DGX is capable of up to 144 petaflops of AI performance (with the newly-supported FP4 precision), and has 1.4TB of GPU memory and 64TBps of memory bandwidth. This delivers 15x faster real-time inference for trillion-parameter models over the previous generation, it said.