For those wishing to own a small crypto data center on a residential street, now is your chance.

A former AT&T data center in Dallas, Texas, is on the market for $2.4 million. From the exterior, the data center looks like a large residential property, but inside the telco building has been converted into an immersion cooled Bitcoin facility.

On Zillow, the listing for the 13229 Southview Lane property claims it is a "true multi-use facility whether you need AI services, cloud hosting, traditional data center, servers or even Bitcoin Mining - this site has it all! This property comes with all equipment included!"

The facility has steel reinforced CMU, three-phase power, two power grids, a backup diesel generator, fire suppression, raised floors, and a private office area and meeting conference area.

Within the data center, there are 500kW three phase panels with digital monitors, 500kW dry cooler, and five HVAC units.

The facility includes three Engineered Fluid SLICtank immersion cooled systems (EF's own product page for the SLICtank appears to include a photo of this deployment). Each tank has two rows of 14 ASIC miners, some of which have visible signs of rust on their housing cages.

DCD last reported on the site in 2021, when the then-bare AT&T data center was listed for a mere $989,000. It was also on the market in 2019.

While images show logos for the 'Crypto Collective,' a company called Mountaintop Contractors acquired the 5,786 sq ft (537 sqm) facility and upgraded the site for the crypto usage. It is now selling it again.

It is not clear how much utility the location has for more traditional operations - in the center of Dallas are larger data centers from DataBank and Equinix, while just slightly further north of the site are more data centers from Aligned, Flexential, and others.

This article has been updated with more details about the current owner