Communications infrastructure company American Tower has launched its latest Edge data center in Austin, Texas.

The 360 sq ft (33 sq m), 100kW facility offers eight customer cabinets, comprising 20 quarter-cabinet lockers and three full cabinets. Following the same model as its other Edge facilities, the Austin facility is built below one of the telco's towers and will be operated by Colo Atl, the data center company it acquired last year.

American Tower Edge Austin.JPG
A mast owned by American Tower in Austin, Texas – Google Maps

American Edge Tower

Last month, American Tower opened two Edge centers in the cities of Boulder and Denver, Colorado. The company is also establishing Edge facilities in Atlanta, Georgia; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Jacksonville, Florida.

American Tower operates around 181,000 tower sites globally.

“Following the launch of American Tower Edge Data Centers in Atlanta, Boulder, and Denver, we are excited to announce that our newest site in Austin, a thriving epicenter for high-tech industries, is open to help customers enable advanced applications," said Whitney Pesot, product manager, US Innovation for American Tower.

"Our new Edge Data Centers, launching in key markets throughout the US, are quickly meeting nationwide industry demands for high-bandwidth, low-latency applications, and 5G technologies, and most optimally support the unique digital infrastructure needs of our customers.”

In late September, the telco partnered with Flexential to use FlexAnywhere for its interconnectivity services at the Edge - between its Colo Atl facilities with Flexential's. The FlexAnywhere fabric uses a scalable 100Gbps backbone with access to Flexential's national data centers, IP networking, and connectivity to public clouds including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google.