Massachusetts-based cloud delivery platform Akamai Technologies has launched IoT Edge Connect.

The service is part of Akamai’s Edge Cloud portfolio and aims to connect Internet of Things applications and end point devices.

The rise of Things

– Akamai

At present, Akamai’s main markets are media, content and security, but this IoT Edge Connect service is part of the company's efforts to use its existing network of 250,000 servers in 4,000 locations across 140 countries for Internet of Things applications.

Akamai said that they believe the current data platforms for IoT were not designed for the scale and performance needs the industry will face in the coming years, and claimed that it will be able to support "10-times more messages than other IoT or in-app messaging cloud solutions."

Craig Adams, senior vice president and general manager, web performance and security at Akamai Technologies, said: "Akamai is investing to extend its network capabilities with the goal of meeting the unique needs of the growing IoT device and application messaging markets.

"Delivering massive amounts of data across the globe securely is in Akamai's DNA. We are focused on developing technology designed to scale, simplify and secure the way IoT and application data is delivered to endpoints."

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