Some 21 new data centers are planned outside of the greater Dublin area, after the Irish capital effectively banned new developments within its bounds due to grid issues.

Ireland's Business Post reports that tech and energy companies have approached grid operator Eirgrid with plans for 16 large data centers, of which five smaller ones are in discussion with ESB Networks.

No data centers here – Getty Images

Eirgrid has essentially banned new data centers in the greater Dublin area until at least 2028 due to extreme power constraints in the east of the country.

The move has led to data centers being paused, canceled, or their owners going bankrupt.

But the industry now appears to be adapting, shifting applications to outside the limits of the ban.

Business Post reports that most of the applications are still trying to be as close to the capital as possible, roughly 80km away at sites in Louth, Meath, Kildare, Kilkenny, and Wicklow.

The publication also notes that the complex grid and on-site power generation regulations has meant that energy companies are now considering entering the market with their own data center projects.

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