Back in 2009, Conapto made the decision to run all their sites on 100% renewable wind power compensated energy. And in 2019, Conapto became Sweden’s first certified climate neutral data center colocation provider. Today, they further accelerate their continuous active measures for a greener data center industry by joining the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact — a self-regulatory initiative aiming to make data centers in Europe climate neutral by 2030.

– Conapto

Companies joining the pact represent the most significant industry actors within cloud infrastructure and data centers in Europe. This is a historic and unprecedented commitment by an industry to proactively lead the transition to a climate neutral economy.

The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact is currently signed by 33 operators and 20 associations from across Europe. The initiative aims to make sure the data center industry keeps up with an overall climate-neutrality project happening in Europe today and it establishes a self-regulatory initiative which has been developed in cooperation with the European Commission. It supports both the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent, and the European Data Strategy by making EU data centers climate neutral by 2030.

The pact itself describe the initiative like this:

“Data center operators and trade associations are committed to the European Green Deal, achieving the ambitious greenhouse gas reductions of the climate law, and leveraging technology and digitalization to achieve the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050. To ensure data centers are an integral part of the sustainable future of Europe, data centre operators and trade associations agree to take the following actions to make data centres climate neutral by 2030.”

Climate-neutrality is an important cornerstone of Conapto’s overall sustainability strategy with certifications like Climate-Neutral Company, Fossil Free Data and ISO 14001 — this initiative further accentuates the active measures taken for a greener industry.

“We are proud to join the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact! It’s initiatives like these that help shed light on the responsibility that the industry has in being cautious with our shared and limited resources. When the industry unites and work together — that’s when we can accomplish actual change.” says Stefan Nilsson, Chief Commercial Officer at Conapto.

If you’re interested in learning more about the initiative and see all the participants, more information is found here.