The global pandemic has once again highlighted the increasing importance of data centers to modern society. Online meetings, video-conferencing and digital information-exchange has become the new normal.

Not only is data center infrastructure making this possible, but with skeleton crews and remote monitoring, many critical workers in our industry are also working from home and visiting the DCD website for the latest analysis, training and event content.

As DCD site traffic grows beyond 150,000 unique users a week, the industry’s leading media platform is delighted to announce more new additions to our exciting Spring/Summer calendar of virtual events.

Tech Showcases become full virtual conference offerings

We have seen such demand for our regional tech-showcases that we are delighted to announce their expansion into full virtual conference programs with showcases and demos becoming a core part of our virtual conference offering.

Dan Loosemore, CMO, stated ‘We have seen the appetite for virtual conferencing continue to grow over the past couple of months with our New York event attracting 3,000+ attendees and the recent Energy Smart program attracting over 10,000 session registrations globally. With this success and the demand for cooling, power, networking, construction and edge technology deep-dives, we have now made the decision to provide an even more immersive, interactive experience by converting these showcases into fully fledged online events’.

The move will allow for each event to have not just thought-leadership presentations and interactive panels but deep-dive tech-showcases and 1-2-1 networking sessions all taking place across the week. Loosemore added that he hoped this extension to the planned showcases would ‘further reflect our desire to provide the best possible intelligence exchange platform for the industry and give even greater value and ROI to partners who had committed to being part of our programs’.

All of the events are FREE to attend so head to our conference page to register your place today.