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11:34AM EDT // 4:34PM BST

How do you evaluate talent? How are skill focuses changing in the industry as time passes by?

Evaluating talent.JPG

Thomas Ciccone - Liveblog Card.jpg

11:25AM EDT // 4:25PM BST

"For anybody here that's ever worked for one of the major cloud providers, you'll find a lot of the questions are answered anytime any of you are not technical base, a lot of them are leadership."

Great insights from TJ on what types of things major providers are looking for.

11:00AM EDT // 4:00PM BST

Thank you for joining our penultimate panel of the day! Use the resources below to connect with the panellists and access the presentation on-demand.

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Now, before we head into our afternoon roundtables we have our final panel of the day:

Kevin C. Kent - Liveblog Card.jpg

10:54AM EDT // 3:54PM BST

"We're still trying to discover where that line is."

Kevin makes a valid point that as the technology rapidly evolves, how we interact with, and use robotics and AI will change.

Robotics Line.JPG

Peter Curtis - Liveblog Card.jpg

10:51AM EDT // 3:51PM BST

"Robotics not to take place over human, but to be a companion to the human."

Fantastic insight from Peter on how humans and robots will collaborate in data centers.

David McCall - Liveblog Card.jpg

10:30AM EDT // 3:30PM BST

"Because we have all of this data, and we have it for many, many years, we're able to make predictions we've got machine learning algorithms that are working now that are making predictions on here's what we expect your environments going to do in the next hour 10 hours, 24, hours, etc based upon previous data and current trends."

Very insightful piece from David on how data is used effectively.

9:55AM EDT // 2:55PM BST

A big thank you to Kaladhar for kicking off the day with a great panel. Remember you can access the presentation on demand, and connect with Kaladhar using the resources below.

CAAV Day 2 - Session 2.jpg

Up next is our first panel discussion of the day, that focuses on human and machine collaboration:

9:33AM EDT // 2:33PM BST

"So, this is the notion of a data marketplace. So we are allowing providers of data and algorithms provide a common participate and operate in a neutral, secure location."

An interesting look at the data marketplace from Kaladhar.

9:23AM EDT // 2:23PM BST

Kaladhar shares a very interesting comparison on different AI models.

Equinix Model.JPG

Kaladhar Voruganti - Liveblog Card.jpg

6:26AM EDT // 11:26AM BST

First up today we will be joined by Kaladhar Voruganti from Equinix, who will be walking us through how to incorporate automation and AI into your operations for optimal efficiency and transparency in real-time.