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Major Panel: The next generation of on-site generation - how do the different options stack up?

With electrical grids under increased pressure and rolling blackouts more common, data center owners are investing heavily in energy resilience and onsite generation to mitigate risks. Our panelists look at the future of onsite power sources - from legacy diesel generators to integration of fuel cells, hydrogen and renewables. What new challenges emerge when adopting greener on-site energy solutions? What are the security implications of each choice, and how far can greening the grid go to ensure long-term efficiency? Join this panel to uncover:

  • Insightful Risk Mitigation Strategies: As electrical grids become less reliable, it's crucial for data center operators to be prepared. Dive deep into how advanced energy resilience measures and onsite generation methods can safeguard your operations.
  • Green Energy Transition Clarity: With a shift towards sustainable power sources like fuel cells, hydrogen, and renewables, there's a lot to consider. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and rewards associated with each greener option, ensuring you make informed, future-focused decisions.
  • Enhanced Security and Efficiency Expertise: Delve into the security ramifications of different onsite power choices. Plus, discover the potential of a greener grid for long-term operational efficiency.