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Marriott Marquis, Times Square

Major Panel: Energizing the Empire State, and beyond - Energy transition, power mix, and power generation

This panel will delve into the complex relationship between the digital landscape and the shift to sustainable energy, exploring current reliance on traditional energy sources and the environmental impact. Participants will examine the challenges and opportunities of integrating renewables into data center infrastructure, debating government policies versus market-driven approaches. Ethical considerations about corporate responsibility and achieving carbon neutrality will shape this session, as our panelists share their vision for a sustainable future.
Watch now to explore:

  • An intricate relationship: Discuss the relationship between expanding the digital landscape and sustainability goals.
  • Regulations & Resistance: What is the role of government policies when driving this transition?
  • The quest for independence: Can microgrids, grid-interactive data centers, or micro-nuclear reactors be the solution?