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Panel: The war on water - Can data centers really consume water sustainably?

This session took place on March 22, 2023

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Panel: The war on water - Can data centers really consume water sustainably?

It is estimated that data centers account for around 2% of global water usage, with the average facility consuming the same amount of water per day as a large town. Given increasing water scarcity and growing restrictions around water use, it is imperative that data centers better manage their consumption to support the environment as well as society. So how can the industry design for efficient WUE, and what efforts have been made so far to reduce water consumption?

During this episode expert speakers will assess the technologies being leveraged to provide better visibility and control of their water usage. In particular this episode will contrast the water requirements for air versus liquid cooling, and query if this will impact the method of cooling data centers select going forward. Additionally, our panel will explore the impact overcooling has on water consumption, and explore how this symbiotic relationship can be better balanced to translate to water savings. Furthermore, as data centers have a long history of utilizing municipal water, this episode will explore how more operations are turning to ‘brown water’ sources, and how this can help drive the sustainability and positive social impact of an operation.