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Tech Showcases: Racking, trunking & busways

This session took place on October 6, 2020

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Tech Showcases: Racking, trunking & busways

A series of quick-fire presentations showcasing the latest technologies to drive expansion and innovation in the Australia & New Zealand markets.

EAE Elektrik: EAE Busbar Temperature Monitoring
To contribute to the availability of data center environments, the temperature monitoring of the busbar power distribution system is a vital process to predict and eliminate the power outage risks. EAE Temperature Monitoring system aims to enable the real-time traceability of the critical temperature parameter of the conductors in real-time by means of wireless communication, busbar powered sensor and predictive management software.

SRA Solutions: Improving the supply chain for your next Data Center
The global ICT industry is seeing ever-increasing demand on speed to market across all disciplines, we have to perform faster more reliably and more cost-effectively. SRA Solutions are combining pre-engineered products with agile services to the market with faster and more cost-effective results. From developing the functional requirements with end-users through to commissioning and ongoing maintenance SRA Solutions identifies area’s to save time and money on your small to medium sizes Data Center builds. We will review SRA Solutions new Secure Micro DC an example of developing a solution to meet these demands.

Vass Electrical Industries: Flexible power infrastructure to meet variable data center needs

This presentation will demonstrate why Flexible Busway Systems are used increasingly in data centres where the power requirements are variable, and where deployment of power infrastructure needs to be flexible, rapid, efficient and simple.  We will look also at some specific advantages of busway over traditional cable reticulation systems as well as introducing some specific product features that Vass has developed to cater for the design, operation and maintenance of rapidly changing data center environments.

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