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Tech Showcases - Small Power Infrastructure

This session took place on October 16, 2020

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Tech Showcases - Small Power Infrastructure

3:00pm - Janitza: Janitza PRO Series Power Analyzers - PQ Metering for Mission-Critical Environments
Visibility into what is happening beneath the surface, understanding and ensuring that good, clean power is coming into the building, is one of the key challenges of managing a mission-critical facility. Janitza's PRO series of measurement devices provide an abundance of critical energy and power quality data and the tools to make this data actionable in the never-ending effort of maintaining reliability in your building.
3:20pm - East Penn: Deka Reserve Power Battery Solutions
With today’s complex datacenter world and the need for backup power, the battery solution is more critical than ever.  With multiple technology solutions, specifically, lead and lithium, you need the facts to make an informed decision.  Important considerations are performance, sustainability, and price.   Tune into our presentation and learn how to select the right battery for your application.  East Penn has the product portfolio and the reliability you need.

3:40pm - Starline: Versatile Power Options for the Data Center
With the ever-increasing demands on IT infrastructure, data center operators are challenged with keeping pace and
equipping their facilities with reliable solutions that fit their specific requirements. In this session, we will discuss
Starline’s expanded offerings and unmatched customization capabilities in overhead power distribution.

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