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$5M per MW and PUE of 1.15: Building an Efficient Data Center

This session took place on April 9, 2019

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$5M per MW and PUE of 1.15: Building an Efficient Data Center

The market is starting to offer SM&E-sized companies access to HPC capabilities at affordable prices due to colocation data centers having access to new rack-power density innovations. The current colocation market is covered with traditional, raised-floor data centers that use higher-cost, less-efficient designs that support power density that tops out at 7kW per rack. New construction will begin to embrace a fundamental mind shift towards a new generation of modular enclosures (such as GIGA’s WindChill® System) that provide hot & cold aisle isolation and adiabatic cooling, to realize rack-power densities that support loads over 25kW-40kW, while also delivering a PUE of 1.15 or better. These OPEX cost-savings will enable providers to lower price points and capture business that has been waiting for colocation to catch up to where IT has evolved.