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Technology Showcase: Innovations in data center operations

This session took place on March 23, 2022

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Technology Showcase: Innovations in data center operations

A quick-fire presentation showcasing the latest technologies to operational excellence across data centers.

Nokia: Achieving network operations efficiency with NetOps and automation

Over the last few years, the number of application workloads that data center networks need to support has grown exponentially. Many network operations teams are under tremendous pressure to scale operations, but there aren’t enough hours in the day or skills in the house to make it all happen at speed. A Nokia Data Center Fabric that automates operations with NetOps tools is the way forward. Learn how it makes your network more easily consumable so it can scale to meet workload demands. Discover how our NetOps automation tools can help operations teams increase efficiency and save significant time and effort.

Airedale: Cloud Cover: How Airedale’s Cloud Diagnostics software can safeguard your cooling and your sustainability

If you’re responsible for your data centre’s air conditioning plant, you’ll know that if it has a problem, you have a major headache on your hands.

Not only that, data centre cooling systems are also complex. The many variables involved, like water temperatures, system pressures, valve positions, set points, ambient temperatures and pump settings, can wildly vary the amount of energy consumed. Effective management and maintenance of such systems is key to ensuring they run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The solution is to go one layer deeper with your software systems, to analyse instead of monitor. To predict instead of report. It is to couple software with HVAC knowledge and leverage data science in the form of machine learning, to detect small drops in performance, compare data with field experience and identify problems before they manifest into outages / expensive failures.

Join this tech showcase to see a demonstration of Airedale’s brand new Cloud Diagnostics software and discover how to safeguard your cooling and your sustainability.

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