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Navigating energy management in data center operations

This session took place on June 11, 2024

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Navigating energy management in data center operations

This episode delves into the intricate balance between energy management, alternative energy sources including nuclear solutions, and operational efficiency and management within data centers. With antiquated global grids struggling to meet skyrocketing energy demands, alternative energy strategies become essential. High-density AI servers now require 40 KW or more per rack, compared to the previous 10-12 KW for conventional computing, necessitating innovative approaches to supply, energy efficiency, and cost reduction.

  • Discover key considerations to address regulatory concerns, safety protocols, and public perceptions surrounding alternative and nuclear energy integration
  • Explore best practices for maximizing efficiency, identifying hidden available capacity, and overcoming challenges to make the most of every square foot
  • Learn strategies to help you meet future energy demands and operational requirements effectively
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