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What is a NetOps strategy and why do I need it?

This episode will stream live at 9am ET

It’s all well and good having hardware capable of accelerated computing, however AI and HPC are incredibly bandwidth intensive, which is putting a huge strain on data center networks. Whilst chip to chip networking remains relatively simple, traffic management between servers and racks is becoming increasingly complex, prompting industry players to take a renewed look at their networking strategies. But what constitutes NetOps best practice in a rapidly evolving landscape? This episode explores:

  • How do we scale our bandwidth to meet the requirements for AI and HPC workloads?
  • The role of NetOps in enhanced traffic management, network automation and QoS optimization
  • The impact of accelerated computing on the operational and design efficiency of data center networks
  • Developing a NetOps strategy that works from the chip to the data center level