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The Fairmont

Infrastructure Masons - Dallas local chapter meeting

iMasons will hold a Local Edition in conjunction with DCD Dallas on October 22 from 15:00-1700 in the Continental Room. This exclusive event is open to iMasons members and specially invited guests! Participants must also be registered for the DCD conference in order to access the meeting.


15:00 - Introduction

15:10 - Fireside Chat - Dennis Cronin and Peter Gross

15:40 - Roundtables

16:20 - Readouts

16:50 - Conclusions and Closing Comments

iMasons recently announced a Strategic Alliance with DCiRN (Data Center Incident Reporting Network) an independent, global, non-profit, confidential reporting program of data center failures, significant incidents and near misses, with a mission to improve the reliability of data centers by collating and analyzing information that can be shared freely within the industry. This important global initiative is gaining traction and has just launched DCiRN USA with Dennis Cronin as Chief Executive.

For this Local Edition, iMasons Executive Director Jeff Omelchuck will host a Fireside Chat with Dennis Cronin and DCiRN Founder Peter Gross, one of the most respected professionals in the industry.