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Presentation: Strategies to protect your supply chain in a turbulent market

This session took place on December 1, 2022

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Presentation: How to ‘future proof’ your supply chain against a turbulent market

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With lead times in the data center construction industry getting longer, many would argue that the supply chain is now the biggest challenge facing the construction industry. Data center constructors are being required to adapt their projects to longer lead times and the industry is considering how they can be ‘future ready’ as the supply chain evolves. With strong and relevant partnerships, is the industry able to react to unexpected challenges, or does the current state of supply chains in the data center industry mean that we need to completely rethink the construction playbook?

During this episode with CommScope, we will explore how data centers are navigating today’s data center supply chain puzzle. The industry continues to develop and grow, very much the engine at the heart of today’s data-driven lifestyle. How are suppliers and constructors working together to meet challenges, and can the sector realistically keep up with the public's demand for data?

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