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Panel: Where is APAC’s next data center hub?

This session took place on November 4, 2020

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Panel: Where is APAC’s next data center hub?

In APAC, a digital-ruled society where e-commerce is king, netizens total over 2.3 billion, and mobile user penetration is increasing dramatically, the need for new data center builds has never been greater. Some of the established markets appear close to saturation however, and are witnessing slowdowns in developments. Could this be the perfect storm for emerging hubs like Indonesia to attract new players and foreign investment, fuel native builds, and emerge as a new mecca for operators of digital infrastructure?

This panel will explore the most prevalent macro factors that are influencing geographical shifts in the industry today. Join key representatives from throughout the mission-critical value chain as they assess how, in the current environment, fast-growth markets are becoming viable alternatives to the traditional destinations for global entrants.

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