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Ultra Reliable and High Power Density Battery Solution for Modern Datacenters

Datacenters (DC) are the backbone of today’s cloud based internet services which is increasing day by day. With the increase in demand, the importance of reliability of DC services cannot be over emphasized. Criticality of operating a DC is very high as compared to other UPS back-up requirements as trillions of data is being stored and processed. Uninterrupted power supply is the most essential factor here and batteries are an indispensable part of this power backup solution.

EXIDE, a pioneer in battery manufacturing in India, has recently launched its Front Access Data Centre range of products, providing ultra-reliable and high power density battery solution for modern day DCs. 30% increase in power density as compared to conventional batteries along with 60% reduction in foot print are attributes which make these products ideally suited for such application scenario. Usage of high resilience AGM separator material and ABS plastic container and cover ensures optimal compression throughout battery life. This is reflected in its superior and stable high rate discharge characteristics. Special corrosion resistant alloy for the electrode material specifically increases life expectancy of the product. Integral flame arrestor coupled with FRV0 grade plastic component adds another degree of safety factor in case of any unlikely event of fire. In urban projects of modern DCs, limitation in horizontal space necessitates system compactness. Exide’s product range complies dimensions suitable for installation in standard 19” & 23” rack, providing the DC operator freedom to optimally utilize the available space. Additionally, the front accessibility feature offers a greater degree of advantage in installation & monitoring of these batteries.