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Tech Showcase - Large Power Infrastructure

This session took place on December 2, 2020

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Tech Showcase - Large Power Infrastructure

A series of quick-fire presentations showcasing the latest technologies to drive rapid expansion and innovation across critical infrastructure.

3:00pm - Kohler: KOHLER KD Series Generators
When it comes to power products, nothing compares to KOHLER KD Series Generators. Since launching in 2016, Kohler has sold more than 4 gigawatts of KD Series generators to power global data centers and other mission-critical applications. KOHLER KD Series gensets provide the widest range of diesel standby power in the world. In addition, KD Series gensets are powered by technologically advanced KOHLER engines. These are engines that were developed, tested, and proven—specifically for use in mission-critical power generation applications.

3:20pm - E+I Engineering: Maximising Data Center Project Efficiencies with Modular Power Design and Build
As data consumption continues to rise, businesses are continuing to challenge the status quo in search of more efficient data center solutions. Considering the complex logistics and large capital investments required for traditional data center upscaling, this labor-intensive solution is no longer compatible with the rate of industry growth. As a result, modular power construction is fast becoming the method of choice for data center upscaling. In this session, we will discuss the key benefits of Modular Data Center construction and highlight the tangible efficiencies that E+I Engineering's Modular Power processes and solutions could yeild for your Data Center project.

3:40pm - EAE USA Inc: EAE Busway Temperature Monitoring System

To contribute to the availability of data center environments, the temperature monitoring on the busway power distribution system is a vital process to predict and eliminate the power outage risks. EAE Temperature Monitoring system aims to enable the real-time traceability of the critical temperature parameter of the conductors in real-time by means of wireless communication, busway powered sensor and predictive management software.

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