Data center managers, let’s level set. Would you say that your most recent downtime incident was preventable? That was the question posed to IT and data center professionals in a recent Uptime Institute Global Survey, including executives and operational staff members across the cloud computing, colocation and wholesale sectors. With 75 percent responding in the affirmative, it’s evident that most data center managers and operators believe they could have done a better job ensuring uptime in the face of a potential outage.

Maintaining service levels and preventing data center outages is, in part, a matter of understanding and forecasting capacity requirements and where to make investments. By understanding their data center capacity requirements, enterprise CIOs can determine and prioritize potential investments in colocation, hybrid, private and public cloud architectures, or data center consolidation and migration. With stakes this high, it’s essential to have accurate and meaningful information, from the lowest level of the facility infrastructure to the middle of the IT stack, about a data center’s assets, resource use and operational status. Download this report, from Intel, to find out exactly why.