The retail Edge is undergoing a transformation as retailers adopt more in-store technology to streamline checkout processes, enhance the customer experience, and break down barriers between the online and physical retail experience.

This retail revolution has the potential to create IT management challenges unless IT infrastructure issues are addressed in a way that maximizes continuity, enables growth, and simplifies management. The opportunity exists in many locations as retailers consolidate multiple distributed point-of-sale (POS) protection systems into a centralized system that offers higher reliability and reduces the number and frequency of battery replacements.

At the same time, the centralized infrastructure system enables retailers to easily adapt to the emerging technology systems that are being deployed to enhance the customer experience and increase operating efficiency, including retail IoT technologies, augmented reality, digital signage and machine learning.

This white paper from the experts at Vertiv takes a look at the immediate challenge that many retailers will be addressing in the infrastructure protecting edge retail POS systems, where two particular issues are converging to drive the need for infrastructure upgrades.