RSA supports state of Alabama employees by seeking and securing investments and services that will grow retirement income, and by helping members to prepare for an enjoyable and successful retirement. Among their many real estate investments is a state-of-the-art colocation data center facility which, besides offering its tenants high availability performance (the facility has not experienced downtime since its inception six years ago), serves as a business hub that offers high tech job opportunities and economic development to local residents.

Since the colocation facility’s ability to attract clients is dependent upon a solid reputation for maintaining system uptime, RSA staff wanted to make absolutely certain that the facility housed the most resilient power and cooling infrastructure available. They decided to turn to Schneider Electric, not only to provide the necessary hardware, but to also deploy IoT enabled architecture EcoStruxureTM IT to support the deployment of cloud-based monitoring tools.

According to Jeff Gardner, RSA’s critical facility manager, “The reason behind building and running this data center here in Montgomery, was to convert the dollars invested by retirement fund members and their families into something that would still be here when the current and next generation of workers retire. We call this ‘future-proofing’ and the technology we select for the data center is a big part of it.”