We’ve truly hit an inflection point in the data center industry. One where almost every vertical and business process is becoming a part of the digital world. Today, our data-driven society is even further entrenched in leveraging digital solutions every single day of our lives. We’re all moving towards a digital native mindset in this Digital Transformation (DX) that is well underway.

With the growth of data, a boom in cloud consumption, and new hyperscale data center solutions, technology leaders are constantly tasked with keeping up and staying ahead. Here’s the reality – if you’re still working with legacy solutions, this simply might not be enough to capture the demands of the modern digital market.

This is the major part of the digital transformation that we’re experiencing. Gartner recently stated that it’s absolutely critical to revolutionize infrastructure and Special Report: The Journey to Digital Innovation, 7 digital strategies to drive competitive advantage in a DX Economy operations practices to stay competitive in a digital, data-driven market.

This means that moving forward, IT will be increasingly tasked with supporting complex, distributed applications using new technologies that are spread across systems in multiple locations, including on-premises data centers, the public cloud and hosting providers. So, how do you keep up? What solutions can you implement that’ll insulate you from the digital wave being experienced by consumers and the business world alike?

In this special report, we take a deep look at key industry trends impacting cloud, data center solutions, consumers, and most of all – our business world.