What is needed to be considered green?

In order to obtain the label, data centers must rely on 100% renewable energy, be efficient in their energy usage (≤1.4 Power Usage Effectiveness) and actively contribute to low carbon emissions by producing less than 0.19 kg carbon emissions per kWh IT energy. Do you have what it takes, submit your application on www.fossilfreedata.com.

Why a green data label?

We are increasingly using data in everything we do – in business as well as in everyday life. As of June 2019, there were 4.5 billion global Internet users. That is 58.8 % of the world’s population, and the number keeps growing every day. Today most data centers rely on dirty energy – fossil based electricity with as much negative effect on the climate as the flight industry. Estimates show that data centers consume 2% of all global electricity, which by 2030 could increase to as much as 10%. And that will leave more than just a mark